10 June 2007

Kassandra Rides her Bicycle - on her own!

Today, Kassandra, after many weeks of avoidance, decided that she wanted to try to ride her bike (without training wheels). I held the saddle while she rode up and down our street a few times. Then Tanja, our neighbor from up the street, suggested that we try it on the road by the track (the "Schleife") because it is level there. Lo and behold, after holding the saddle for only one stretch, on the return stretch, I let go, and Kassandra rode on her own!

By then Lisa and Lilia were there too, and all of us were thrilled. We carried the bike down the steps, and Kassandra rode up and down our street several times - on her own, of course. The smile on her face, as she passed me, was one of complete satisfaction and pride.

What a great day!